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If you are someone with a thirst for knowledge, growth and opportunities, 26milescapital is where you will find a team of programmers from India’s top engineering institutes. We evaluate trading and investment opportunities by analysing data from global markets.


Our investment allocation is diversified among a wide range of assets classes in multiple investment strategies. A professionally managed portfolio promotes investors interests and risk profiles of our clients.


Our team leaders have decade long experience in managing finances. Our experts guide teammates to create the best strategies.


Allocating money in diverse proportions helps minimise the trading risks. Using mathematics to analyse the trading data, we make profitable trades through technical analysis.

How do 26milescapital generate wealth for investors?

Our team uses mathematics and programming to design and improvise algorithms to fetch market-leading returns from the financial markets. We leverage our team’s capabilities to the greatest extent to generate wealth for our investors. We minimise risks by eliminating emotional trading and potential manual errors.

Become a partner - 26milescapital!

Our team focuses on establishing long term relationships with like-minded investors. We have a proven track record of generating market-leading returns, driven by continuous improvements in trading algorithms. By investing with us, you can create wealth in the long run.

Who are we?

26milescapital is a pioneer in wealth creation. Our team develops a wide range of strategies to generate exceptional returns on investments. We have a team of highly qualified engineers who love finance and have years of experience in trading securities.

Our mission

We align our mission with the success of our capital investors. We aim to maximise the returns on investments and minimise the risks involved by analysing the risk to reward equations.

Our goal

We aim to become the most successful investment group in the world. We continuously improvise our investment strategies to get closer to our goal.

Our values

We are here to win with integrity and a thirst for growth. We value continuous learning and improvisation as the key to success in financial markets.

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